How Our Business Helps Your Business

Hotel Guests


Guests visiting with babies and small children may not be aware that they can rent any and all gear and supplies. We make their trips feel like home. 

Inform them when making their reservations and when they arrive to make sure they have the best experience while in Seattle!

We coordinate our services for a seamless delivery.

All details and coordination is carried on our shoulders.

Bring value without cost to all of your guests' visits.

Seattle Events


When coordinating your next event or company party think of all the needs for your guests.

Often guests will bring their families and little ones along for the trip.

Will you offer a "Kid Zone" or temporary "Baby Room" at the convention, party, etc?

Wonderful and easy packages can be prepared with your specific needs in mind at a discounted rate.

Remember to inform your guests ahead of their travel plans so they can make their own reservations to fit their personal needs as well!

Vacation Rentals


Similar to a hotel stay, families want convenience and to enjoy their visit instead of worrying and working to meet all of their needs.

Providing gear and supplies can be  expensive with little or no profit to be earned from the extra service.

We deliver, setup and remove all gear at the end of their stay.

This allows you to:

  1. Offer great service
  2. Keep cleaning fees down
  3. Reduce stress and keep your profits